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Digital Signage - Model: CPF1909 - 19" Screen - All-in-One Business Advertising & Messaging System

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Product Summary:

Sungale Digital Signage comes in 4 All-in-One Wide-Angle Screen sizes including 7", 10", 14" and 19" or a TV Box solution for connecting to larger size TV's and projectors via HDMI. This is suitable for all B2C and B2B businesses to display your business, service, advertisements, sales, promotions, typical advantages and key features. Manage the content yourself, set display times for your content remotely. Uses cloud storage.

Product Description

It can be broadly used in B2B or B2C business. Setup to hang at the entrance or the wall of your business site, the All-in-One digital signage can display the content to introduce your business, service, advertisements, promotions, sales, and other typical advantages and key features. The displayed content is managed by you, yourself from your office or home on your computer. You don’t need to go to the player to plug a memory card to update the content because the content is stored on cloud storage. The display time can be controlled automatically from your computer or iPad, and the content stream will flow into the player wirelessly.


Management Platform

Our platform has the ability to support your entire display management needs with as many screens as needed ranging from a very small number, to several thousand. There is a logical operation which makes it easy to learn the procedures, detailed prompts for each step, and it is the most reliable and competitive system. Your content can be videos or pictures, and you can add voice-over or background music to add more excitement and information to what you want to introduce and display. You can manage when specific content is controlled and displayed, group displays together based on Geographic Location and all displays will play the content at the specific time you select. This system is developed completely by Sungale itself, and Sungale has ownership of all intellectual property. Counterfeiting is not allowed.


The service of this digital signage includes:

  1. Cloud Storage of your content, which make your content can be displayed anywhere in this planet
  2. On the Cloud platform, you can upload your Content to Cloud storage - you can compile the display content anywhere on your computer and tablet
  3. On the Cloud platform, you can stream your content from Cloud Storage to the terminal screen
  4. With the Cloud platform, you can extend your terminal display devices from 1 unit to thousands units. 
  5. With the Cloud platform, you can design and set your display schedule,  
  6. On the Cloud platform, you can set each terminal device's display time
  7. On the Cloud platform, you can decide what content to be displayed on which screens. 
  8. On the Cloud platform, you can decide to display images or videos
  9. On the Cloud platform, you can add any audio tune as the background music of your content
  10. The vendor will support customers to adjust their digital signage system until it can run well.

We are providing the most complete service, you can compare with any other digital signage vendors. Our service fee is $0.99/month/screen.  For similar service, if you search Amazon, you will find the service fee is $8.99/month/screen.  The Digital Signage is a service fee charging system although providers dislike to mention it. 


Ideal Customer Solutions

  • Brick-and Morter retailers of all kinds for Point-Of-Purchase displays
  • Hotels and Casinos
  • Restaurants, Nightclubs and Bars
  • Office Lobby
  • Medical Office or Hospital
  • Car Dealership Showrooms
  • Ad agencies who manage multiple client content
  • Real Estate and property management
  • And many more


Bullet Feature Points:


  • All-in-One Digital Signage solution
  • Suitable for B2B and B2C business for various types of business locations and sites
  • Manage display content from your computer or iPad remotely
  • Store the display content in Cloud storage and the device will receive automatically
  • Set and adjust display time easily from your computer
  • Stream the content wirelessly
  • Logical operating procedures
  • Detailed prompts for each step







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