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Grand Opening Event Today Only

Posted by Brandon Jacobson on


So the day is here, our Grand Opening Sale and Special Event! 


For one day only, Sungale will be giving away to a random 10 sign-ups, a FREE SPB2000 Power Bank, a $20 value just for being one of the first to join our list! This comes in 3 colors - Pink, Yellow or Green, and has 2,000 mAh of power giving you plenty of power for charging your smart phone or tablet on-the-go!


For more info on this product, check out the the product page HERE


Regarding additional GIVE-A-WAYS, Sungale will be giving away multiple items for those who invite others to join the list. The winners will be decided on based on who has brought additional sign-ups to the email list. To join our list, you can click HERE and fill out the simple form. We will be contacting winners next week for Claiming their FREE power banks with the opportunity of receiving additional free gifts. 


Depending on the response we receive, we may give out more or less of each item. Follow our FACEBOOK and TWITTER for up-to-date information. 


Besides our Great Prize Give-A-Ways, be sure to check out our CLEARANCE ZONE and TODAY'S SPECIAL for great prices on several different items. 


Potential gifts that can be claimed by participants include:


Top Performers - CPF1510+ 14" Cloud Frame - Product Page HERE


Great Performers - CPF708 7" Cloud Frame - Product Page HERE


Good Performers - ID1032WTA 10" Android Tablet - Product Page HERE


OK Performers - ID730WTA 7" Android Tablet - Product Page HERE


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