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Mothers Day Sales Event

Posted by Brandon Jacobson on

We are having a great sale over here at our Sungale E-Store for the ones that matter most... OUR MOTHERS! Take a look below at our first weeks items. If you like what you see now, grab them up, as these wont be available at these prices forever. Also, come back and take a look next week to see what we offer in our WEEK 2 SALE for MOTHERS DAY! 

Item number 1: 

Sungale 10" Cloud Frame: CPF1032

  ONLY $109.99 + Shipping

  • Share your favorite moments with your mom from anywhere.
  • While your on vacation, show her what you're up to.
  • When you take the kids to the park, show grandma pics of them playing.
  • When the kids play sports and win the game, share the experience with grandma back home and how well they did with some photos.

Item number 2:

Sungale 7" Tablet: ID720WTA

ONLY $36.99 + Shipping 

  • Get mom on the internet watching her favorite youtube videos
  • Let her catch up with friends over Facebook
  • Let mom Install her favorite APPs from the Google Play store - Millions to choose from
  • Browse the internet and play games - Mom will have hours of fun entertainment

Item number 3: 

Sungale Neck Massager: NM338

ONLY $24.99 + Shipping

  • Let mom relax to the gentle nudges to her neck
  • Let her fall asleep while this warms her neck and kneads away
  • This magic pillow will bring a smile to her face
  • Perfect for home use or in the car


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